short GBPAUD (see charts); after my big fiasco , long NZDJPY from 2 days ago, I entered yesterday a short on GBPAUD , which sits at weekly, monthly reversal pivots and multi weeks resistance area. Maybe I am short too fast, I should have scalped a better entry (how?? I run around the city all day to work on my “real life” job and I trade from the metro stations using my iPad…). Anyways, the daily closing candle from yesterday looks nice and red, so hopefully more bearish momentum will follow – See more at:

One thought on “short gbpaud with charts attached”

  1. Wayne McDonell - says:

    Please attach chart images. I also, please not that you posted this analysis under “Forex Books”. Please be careful and post to “Forex Trading Ideas”.

    Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your analysis in the future.

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