How to trade this plan

1. Australia posted an employment change of -3.9K versus the forecast 15.0K with a participation rate of 64.7% versus the forecast 64.9%. Gov.
2. Risk off sentiment and poor data could result in weakness for Aussie and should we see Yen strength during the London session there could be some trading opportunities for this pair.
3. Should price fall from current resistance, wait for a pull back and an overbought M5, identify resistance and consider a short position.
4. Keep in mind that the target for the month was MS1 which we are currently at and have failed to break below.
5. Also keep in mind that we are currently below WS2 with strong support at DS1.
7. Ideally I would be bullish on this pair though given risk sentiment and poor data I may consider being short term short and consider some scalps should price fall into my trap and setup confirm bearish action.
8. Notice on the M5 chart I have identified a range and would only look at trading if price broke out of the range to the downside and then pulled back with an overbought M5 stochastic to role reversal resistance.

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One thought on “Poor jobs data & Risk off Aussie Yen 150916”

  1. Miles says:

    Hi Ryan, your plan worked well, it fell into your trap and on 5M chart went up to resistance, then down and made the pullback.
    You were supposed to sell there after the pullback, right?
    But then it went up…
    Did you take position? What is your post trade analysis?
    Thank you.

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