Yearly Bias: Range Bound but looking more and more Bearish and USD trying to be strong.
Monthly Bias : Near the top of the middle of the yearly range, (%50 retracement = good time to sell high. )
4HR: Good time to Buy low and aim for the top of the channel. or Look for break and retest of channel to sell for possible month + long trade to yearly low, and if that breaks $1.00!
Todays entry: Sell @ daily pivot to r1 or Buy at Yesterday Low to s2. Take 50% profit today at target, let remainder ride for sell to?? or let buy ride top of channel. Stops past most recent High/Low.
No major news today. Watch out for Euro Whipsaw open. If you missed Eur look for entry on NY open.
Are you a Bull or a Bear?
Update: Trade results. The short entry did not present it self and my long entry was not where I expected so I did not take the trade. The best trade would have been earlier in the asia, London sess, pivot to S1. But what I did not account for is the Monthly Pivot. It was right near S1 and where the large surge up happened. No news on this day so the only reason would be the Monthly pivot. Next time I will pay more attention to it, as it would of made a nice long scalp on the bounce up.


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