Trade plan 31 September 2016
-Daily chart
Price Action
Price is currently on monthly pivot point (MS1) into the Highly reversal zone, Price has also formed a symmetric triangle with a bounce off the 61.8 fib zone
Stochastic is currently oversold
The 55 and 21 Moving average indicate a bearish market with a great chance of a reversal

-H4 chart
Price Action
Price is currently at the weekly cluster pivot point (WPP) also has completed harmonic patten which indicates a possible bullish trend beginning
Stochastic is heading to the oversold zone
The consist of a great angle of separation between the 55 and 21 moving averages which confirms the bearish trend
-H1 chart
Price Action
Price just broke through the daily pivot point (DM3),Price has also formed a full head and shoulder patten
The 55 and 21 Moving average cross has occur indicating a possible beginning of a bullish trend
Planed Entry
Looking for a role bullish reversal on the either H1/M15/M5 or wait for the breakthrough in the symmetric triangle on the Daily chart plus a role reversal in the direction of the breakthrough




2 thoughts on “AUDJPY 19 September 2016 forecast”

  1. Wayne McDonell - says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work and excellent anlaysis!

  2. Thabang George Mofokeng says:

    No Thank you Mr McDonell for your hard work this is simply just a product of your excellent teachings!

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