If you attended Wayne’s webinar earlier you’ll know he spoke about an inverse head and shoulder that would setup hours later at MM2 on M5… Ok so we got a double bottom instead… And ok so it’s slightly below MM2 though if this were a psych level it’s the right amount of pips away from that support to still count (Plus it’s a 61.8%).Anyway, this is super important – a third chance to get in on this trade before it heads up… Just do it. This is why you are here…


MM2 - MM4/ MR2


Price came down and hit the 61.8%. Look at that stoch - hasn't rolled over yet though it is going to.


You still have time... A higher high and then get long on the pullback and then do that again and again and again until we stop making higher highs... SL below WS1 TP MM4 or MR2 or 23 Nov or 13 Dec or 31 Dec...

5 thoughts on “You are watching GBPJPY, right?”

  1. Brendon Davis says:

    Hi Ryan… With you on the post 🙂 i got in on the 3rd test on the 15min @ 148.763 it looks like you a little higher….
    Hey were just doing our job. Keep up the good work… Also looking at the Oz but putting in a little bear flag on the 15… so thinking a re test of the low!!

    1. Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld says:

      Yeah – we have not broken that previous low resistance on M15 and we have services PMI coming out shortly… Price is currently at DM2 though there is no price action holding support. Seems like the market is expecting a lackluster result.

      1. Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld says:

        When I say no price action holding support – I mean no higher high on M15…

  2. Brendon Davis says:

    We may have it now..

  3. João André says:

    Double bottom on a Weekly and Monthly M2. I sure as hell, didn’t miss this.

    And it’s already heading up.

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