None of us can know where these entries will end up, in spite of all our planning, but when this happens, it really is fun. I used the alarm system, and when it alerted me, I pulled the trigger right away. It moved 30 pips, I basically jammed my stop, and now await my next entry. I missed my EURJPY set up I had yesterday, before I had a chance to set my alarms. It also hit the sweet spot, and ran a 100 pips. There was only 2 minutes to grab that tail.

4 thoughts on “Yesterdays Beast set up & entry point… Hillarious!!…..Nobody’s this good, especially me”

  1. Charles Bidner says:

    Well done Hadyn, it feels so good when an entry is triggered by a very small margin then moves in a positive direction, it also sucks big time when an entry is missed by a very small margin, sometimes only by the spread margin. Good luck with this trade. Have a great day.

    1. Hadyn S. says:

      Thanks for the reply Charles.
      You’re spot on about the sucky part. I came out with some profit coupled with total frustration. I got knocked out of 2 attempts at a secondary entry, the second by 2 pips. Then I set my alarm at 1:15, before the GBP release, so I’d be able to lock in enough profit to cover the 2 losses. The GDP release went my way, I moved my stop (which seemed out of place?) and it immediately dropped back and knocked me out. After several failed attempts to re enter the trade, I gave up.
      Turns out, I forgot that I had already placed a 40 pip trailing stop on it, and had I stayed asleep, I would have picked up another 110 pips. Less would have been much better on this one.
      I did figure out after a TW chat session, that the platform I’m using (Fix) really sucks during any market movement at all, so I’m gonna have to switch to the ECN platform, which was recommended by Craig during Waynes webinar this morning.
      The whole experience was like eat’n a hamburger, then finding out the bread was moldy. I feel full but I have a bad taste in my mouth, and my stomach feels queasy, lol.

  2. Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld says:

    Hey man – I really recommend using pivot points , it will make things seem less magical and more logical. This is a standard long at WPP with WR2 as the target… I uploaded this trade plan on Monday… WPP marked the top of the previous range…

    1. Hadyn S. says:

      100% with you on that, for sure. The 4 way cluster I try to live & trade by now, is >> 1. Bull/Bear bias based on the picture my new info system paints. >> 2. Support/resistance/price action >> 3. 4hr FIb. 38.3 -50.0 – 61.8 >> 4. A supporting OS/OB 4hr Stoch , and last but not least >> 5. Pivot points, which I’ll use to decipher which of the 3 Fib areas to target. I always feel a little more confident when there is a weekly & monthly pivot cluster involved.
      Thanks Ryan, I really appreciate your replies.

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