Yen Scan monthly Trade plan ( 2 Sept , 2016 )

YEN pairs across show a significant Bullish up by few hundred pips due to Dollar strength . Carry trader will look for opportunity to long again if today NFP present any significant pull back.

Scan YEN Daily ( 2 Sep , 2016 )

ALL show sign of rejection on yesterday Daily candle . If it Pullback after NFP today . It is an opportunity for Bull to buy again

USDJPY Daily ( 2 Sep , 2016 )

Bull will look for pullback to 38.2% to 50% about 102 to 101.5 to buy using 15M for more precise entry

EURJPY Daily ( 2 Sep , 2016 )

EUR is weak and JPY is weak then nice ranges trade 115 to 112

GBPJPY Daily ( 2 Sep , 2016 )

GBP is weak and JPY is weak a 800 pips range trade 138 to 130

AUDJPY Daily ( 2 Sep . 2016 )

Carry trader bull will look for new entry at pull back to 77 area

NZDJPY Daily ( 2 Sep , 2016 )

a nice pull back to about 74 will be buy opportunity again . set an alert to be ready by then using 15M to fine tune entry .

CadJPY Daily ( 2 Sep , 2016 )

CAD is slightly stronger then Yen there is a potential once the oil price reach bounce up area , use 15 M to fine tune entry.

5 thoughts on “Yen Scan monthly Trade plan ( 2 Sept , 2016 )”

  1. Miles says:

    Thank you for another great scan Daniel. JPY pairs didn’t offer much of a retracement for second entries long, let’s see if NFP will give us an opportunity!

  2. Thanks . Nice comment . trader job is wait for opportunity to come. only trade when there is a better chance.

  3. Thanks Daniel. Great analysis.

  4. Hi Daniel thank you for the great analysis I am still confused about the USDCAD for NFP should I go long or short I’ll appreciate your feedback thank you

    1. Thanks for your feedback . USDCAD is depend on your Bias on US dollar. I am long term Bull on USD so I only Buy USDCAD at support. IF you are BEAR on USD then you Short at Resistance. Canadian dollar is heavily influence by Oil. NFP I will not trade USDCAD .

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