NZDJPY and AUDJPY for Yen Carry trade Tomorrow is September . If Yen continue its weakness The potential Bull entry using daily and H4 for set up then 15m to find tune entry.

NZDJPY Daily 31 Aug , 2016

NZDJPY Daily is Break up 55 line going up toward first target Daily 200

NZDJPY H4 31 Aug , 2016

NZDJPY H4 BULL look for pull back to 74 area to Buy

NZDJPY 15M 31 Aug, 2016

BULL Look at 15 M for Plan see If there is a reversal up about 74.25 area SL 73.75 TP 78

AUDJPY Daily 31 Aug , 2016

AUDJPY daily is going up toward daily 55

AUDJPY H4 31 Aug , 2016

AUDJPY is on the way up to weekly WR2 as first target about 78.

AUDJPY 15M 31 Aug , 2016

Bull look for fine tune entry at a pullback to 77.5 SL 77 no TP for long term

3 thoughts on “YEN pairs Trade Plan for Carry trade ( 31 Aug , 2016)”

  1. James Mauro says:

    HA. I just posted on U/J and looks very similar. Nice

  2. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

    Thanks for the mental support for the trade

  3. Zelda says:

    Thx for posting Daniel.

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