Where is the group/team spirit for traders in this group?

Forgive me if I’m forward or mistaken, but is this group not supposed to be a forum where traders can learn and help each other? I see trades are posted that fail miserably and no feedback from the people who post them or help from traders in this group to help traders who are struggling? Sure, we are not “mentors” as such, but with a little help as a group we can all become successful traders. There is a “Comment” section on the site that can be used or even SKYPE! We are posting so many trades and so few people give feedback/progress on trades. The majority of us are new traders with less than 2yrs exp and I’m sure it will be of benefit to everyone if we communicate more about posts (and not just “tick” the Like” buttons). My SKYPE address is Maryna.Murray27

Where is the team/group spirit in this group?

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  1. Thank you for your post. I agree this is a great forum for us traders to share ideals and learn to trade successfully but the only way we will learn to to get involve and help each other!

  2. Thanks Maryna for speak out the trader’s voice 🙂 Keep our trading spirit high 🙂

  3. I think there’s a lot of “voyeur traders” here Maryna. I have posted plenty of trade plans to scalp timingly and swing (plenty of them on the mark and of course some not) but hardly any response from the audience. At one point I even left a plan wide open for involvement from the audience but not a single taker to move forward on the trade plan/idea. I even have tried to get people to skype me and leave my link in plain sight but no luck there either. Now it even seems that for some reason the views on posts from good plans/ideas have fallen off a cliff. Wayne has even tried to encourage involvement but seemingly on deaf ears but I think his view is that the posts are more about the individuals progress as a trader. I can see you’re frustration and I too hoped for a team like atmosphere coz this is a lonely venture it seems. Best wishes Maryna and hope this is a spark.

    1. Profile photo of Maryna Maryna says:

      Hey James, thanks for your comments. I will see how it goes this month and then decide if I will continue participating on Forex.Today. It’s not so much about posting trades, but about the purpose and value thereof as it does take time to analyze and post trade ideas and with so little feedback from the group we will not know if anyone is benefiting from this site? Will be great if members give feedback on actual trades taken from all the posts as well. I have no idea for instance how successful traders are that use Wayne’s strategy as we never see feedback.on actual trades they took based on their plans posted or otherwise. All fine saying “sell here, buy there” etc, but do members actually TAKE any of the trades. Simply giving feedback saying for example, I took James’s trade and made 10 pips or even a loss or whatever will do as that is the only way to learn and see how well the strategies and analyses works. Have a great day James!

      1. Thanks Maryna , I agree with you . one interesting I notice that it take times to see any results. May be for you is one week but for others is 3 months :}

  4. Profile photo of Maryna Maryna says:

    Just a last note on this topic – we don’t need to post trades etc. to see individual progress – this can be done with a journal. Constructive inputs (good and bad), questions about trades posted etc. are things that will help everyone progress. So, C’MON’ Forex. Today members – use this site to learn and share! I’ve commented plenty of times on this site and always received feedback from the person who posted a trade, so there is commitment and no need to feel shy/ashamed to post trades or comments. Even if we make a loss, we can post it and all learn from it or how to make the pips back after a loss. We all make losses, so we don’t need to pretend we don’t. I even have a strategy to use when you want to make sure you don’t lose – hie, hie!

  5. Hi Maryna
    When I first began coming to forex.today there was a forum section but it was taken down. I would also
    like to have conversations about various forex trading topics and trade ideas.

    Personally I am slow to comment on others plans because I either don’t follow the thought process or the plan
    simply says something like enter at the pivot or fib which I understand but doesn’t bear much comment.

    I think bringing back the forum would foster more communication.

    Thanks and I would like to hear others views.


    1. Profile photo of Maryna Maryna says:

      Ken, quite a few of the traders chat on SKYPE and working well as we don’t need to type and can chat and share charts/idea’s, so maybe a good idea to use SKYPE? Too much information gets distorted or lost by typing, so chatting live a much better option.

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