In October, BOJ schedules to have 2 separate policy meetings – Oct 6-7th and Oct 30th.
The rumor says BOJ will announce the additional monetary easing on Oct 6-7th.

Here are reasons…
1) There will be the biggest IPO scheduled on November 4th 2015 in Nikkei market – Japan Post.


This giant company (Its financial arm alone had $1.71 trillion worth of assets) is currently 100% owned by Japanese government. The government is expecting to use this IPO money to discharge a portion of their debt.

For this reason, BOJ/Japanese government hope for the stable & up-trending stock market by the beginning of November.

To do so, Oct 30th may be a bit too late?? Thus it is natural to assume Oct 6-7th should be the day(s) to announce the addtional monetary easing.
2) July-Sep GDP will likely be negative again. That will be “2 negative Quarters in a row”, which can be interpreted as Resession.
Both Japanese government and BOJ don’t like this.


The additional tips
Sep 21st – Sep 23rd are national holidays.
a) During these days, the Yen market will be thin during Asian hours.
b) Nikkei on Sep 24th may be a bit rough, after the long vacation.


Let’s just hope for the additional easing from BOJ.


YJ Baik – Forex.Today @ Tokyo

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