Based on last weeks data and assuming the strength/weakness continues this week I have put together some pairs to keep on the radar for possible setups using pivot theory.

1. The blue rectangles are showing possible W-M2 to W-M4 bullish trade zones or W-M3 to W-M1 bearish trade zones.
2. The long black lines are M-PP’s on the charts that have them so watch those zones as well to be respected by price.
3. The long Red/Green bold lines are Monthly Pivots profit zones that price could hold price up/down.

*Move into minute charts and trade your preferred setup for an entry if your bias matches these setups.
*Let the 4HR stoch cycle into position for 1-2 days if need be & watch the blue 5 ema.
*Find support & resistance levels to support an entry as well.
*Watch for any fundamentals to support or void an entry with any setup.

>The NZD has continued its reign over other currencies again so for now bulls remain in control.
>With Gold strong look for USD weakness, especially vs. NZD & CHF.
>Watch to see if the GBP bears gain momentum this week in other pairs in addition to the charts in this post.

Lets see how it plays.

Note: At the end of each week I post results for the current weeks price action within the original post for those interested to study.

Last Weeks Strength Meter

Potential Trades This Week

5 thoughts on “Weekly Swing Trades on Radar”

  1. Jim Reddihough says:

    As expected from you James an excellent well considered post. I’ve been trying to ‘swing trade’ since doing Wayne’s course. I like your well considered methods of entry rather than just sell @WM3 etc even if it does mean I missing a few trades at least it usually eliminates the bigger losses. I have been able to generate an average of between 150-200pips a week which although not brilliant is not to be sniffed at. I’m a bit reluctant to rely too much on Oanda strength indicator and prefer to use it as a guide and look at charts for confirmation. e.g. this week Aussie is shown as weak but when you look at chart it appears to be moving up in a channel and has just bounced off the bottom. When to close a trade is proving a real challenge especially when markets are becoming more range bound. Also learnt to be cautious about entering quickly after market open on a Sunday – the spreads can be horrendous in first half hour.
    Often look at charts at end of week and think I should have captured double the pips.

    1. James Mauro says:

      Thanks Jim. Those pips/week are a big accomplishment, congrats! The meter is exactly that, I don’t enter without confirmation on a chart but it does help keep you in line with lining up strong vs weak currencies for an advantage. So with the Aussie I’ll look to trade it against a stronger currency ie the Kiwie if you look at the 4H over a few months time, nothing bullish there. BTW if you fib the decline from May 19th to June 2nd price has printed a new low off a 38.2 if it holds, very bearish! FYI the aud/usd doesn’t look the same at all as the usd is not as strong as the nzd to pull price down on that pair. Yes at the end of the week its always ‘easy’ to say “What you should’ve done” and you’ll find pairs you could’ve simply traded m2-m4/m3-m1 etc.. BUT I alway say trading the Right side of the chart is NOT nearly as easy as analyzing the Left side. That’s why you need the set of rules to get you in/out of a trade without emotion along with an understanding of the time frame you’re trading, again easier said than done most times! If you want a suggestion on how to use an indicator with fractal views to get in/out of these plans let me know. Best of pips.

  2. Maryna says:

    Hey James & Jim , I’m not a swing or Pivot trader, but enjoy reading your posts/comments about swing trades and have a basic understanding of Pivot trading, so I’m able to follow your trades and comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

    1. James Mauro says:

      Maryna, thanks for reply. I’m surprised you don’t trade long term. Your plans all seem to be longer term targets so why not trade it as such? I’m not sure how you day trade off swing/position trade plans by using internal structure/patterns on long term chart views like 1H-4H-Daily. Maybe you can share? Best of pips always.

      1. Maryna says:

        Hey James, to me it’s very much about price in Forex and the market reacting to prices. Swing trading is just not for me, although you are correct that my trades can be taken as swing trades and hope the traders can see that! All the best of pips to you!

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