Based on last weeks data and assuming the strength/weakness continues this week I have put together some pairs to keep on the radar for possible setups using pivot theory.

1. The blue rectangles are showing possible W-M2 to W-M4 bullish trade zones or W-M3 to W-M1 bearish trade zones.
2. The long black lines are M-PP’s on the charts that have them so watch those zones as well to be respected by price.

*Move into minute charts and trade your preferred setup for an entry if your bias matches these setups.
*Let the 4HR stoch cycle into position for 1-2 days if need be & watch the blue 5 ema.
*Find support & resistance levels to support an entry as well.
*Watch for any fundamentals to support or void an entry with any setup.

>This was the post I had prepared but was unable to post earlier in the week due to tech issues on website. Keep in mind the week is half over at this point of this post.
>The AUD & NZD are pretty strong in these plans so far this week for the aggressive trader so consider trading to W-M1 zones but watch M-M1 & M-S2 zones on a few.
>The G/J & E/J could be at entry target zones so watch to see if they develop.

Lets see how it plays.

Note: At the end of each week I post results for the current weeks price action within the original post for those interested to study.

Results Post Analysis:
The white lines represent price action that took place close to actual levels.
The AUD & NZD had continued strength which was better played against the weaker EUR.
The JPY weakened and any opportunity in EUR & GBP was likely a small gain or BE trade.

Last Weeks Strength Meter

Potential Trades This Week


5 thoughts on “Weekly Swing Trades on Radar”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hey James, seems as if the swing traders don’t need to take Wayne’s course if they only watch your set-ups! Pity that so few of the traders who are posting trade idea’s never give feedback on their trades unless we ask? What’s the point of posting trades and not giving any feedback? Thanks for posting and giving feedback James!

    1. James Mauro says:

      My pleasure Maryna, the funny thing is that I post for that reason. Since taking the course I figured I would post swing trade ideas for all here and to collaborate but we can’t force a horse to drink after leading it to the water eh. Thnx for reading !

  2. frank says:

    spot on .i like your plans and already in those trades

  3. Maryna says:

    Hey James, I’m a day-trader, but have been watching the swing traders for a while. I’ve noticed that the market often misses the Pivots and again today with your GBPAUD trade. It missed the pivot with about 4 pips. I only use price action (support/resistance) in my strategy and what concerns me with the pivots are how often they are missed, albeit with a few pips, but that means that you can never really have a TP at a pivot and GBPAUD pulled back about 162 pips and that is a huge amount of pips for missing a Pivot target with 4 pips! The idea in trading is to place a trade with a SL and a target, but how awful when a target is missed with 4 pips and then turns on your with 160+ pips. So, my question is, do you ever take profits at those pivots? Thanks James!

    1. James Mauro says:

      Hey Maryna, the S1 that you reference missing by 4 pips is not actually in the plan. I can add a line on top of my post that will reference the 2 darker long green (red) lines which are monthly pivots which can prove to be difficult zones to breech longer term being a profit taking zone which the G/A respected this week. What gave up the bears profits was the BOE’s shift to ‘Less’ members voting to keep rates unchanged that actually hints towards an increase (albeit very gradual) in the future so when a central bank speaks volatility can show up as did today throwing pivot theory aside. Depending on my risk appetite prior to a central bank announcement I will close positions in full, or half if up considerably, to protect profits or even control damage should that be the case. In normal trading conditions if price gets close to a profit zone that was part of the plan then I will take profit (partial at times & move stops into profit only) or manage in a way to keep those profits the best I can. Taking profit can be just as difficult decision as entering a trade! Best of pips.

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