Good Morning Folks, USDZAR has made an H4 double bottom and a higher high {Hammock}. now its pulling back to Buy Zone. Its also coming up from WM2 & MM2. Everything has lined up for this Trade. Have A Great One.


5 thoughts on “USDZAR Technicals & Trade Plan”

  1. Bruk Teffera says:

    Price at Buy Area. waiting for M5 to make a double bottom. then will initiate longs

  2. Bruk Teffera says:

    Just got my m5 double bottom. Adding Long

  3. Bruk Teffera says:

    Added Moo Trade on the M15 Double Bottom.

  4. Bruk Teffera says:

    Testing My Luck, Added fourth round of Longs here. But need price to go up and put the trade to breakeven before NFP. Or else it will be closed

  5. Bruk Teffera says:

    Have you ever beaten yourself up for putting Take profit limit? well this trade is a clear example. I took my last profit at MR2 at 14.25. Price continued to 15.22. Amazing!!!!

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