In South Africa, the main story is the motion of no confidence against Jacob Zuma.
Zuma is demanding state guarantee security for himself & his family & South African tax payers must pay for all his legal fees.
Over the weekend the African National Congress & the South African Communist Party asked all South African to support a national stay away & join the march to the union building in Pretoria in which they will demand Jacob Zuma;s immediate resignation or impeachment.
This morning Cyril Ramaphosa condemned the protest.

Due to the drought in Cape Town, the municipality has said if they don’t have any rain soon they will cut all water on 12th April.
On Saturday Cape Town did have a fairly good down poor but they still need a lot more.
Tenders have been submitted to fix the water problem in Cape Town but none have been approved yet.

28 years ago on 11 February 1990 Nelson Mandela walked out of Victor Verster Prison
Will JZ step down by the end of today?
Currently he is fighting tooth & nail to stay in office.

Expect high volatility in the South African Rand today


If Zuma is forced to step down today, the Rand should break the channel & strengthen. If he doesn't step down the rising channel should still be in play & expect the rand to weelen.

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  1. Warren says:

    Senior ANC officials are currently meeeting at the St George hotel in Irene Pretoria to discuss the Zuma exit.
    A media release is expected at around 14h00 GMT. (16H00 South Africn time).

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