Dear All,

If you followed the trade recommendation for the USDSGD trade on the daily chart that I would like to recommend to also put your stop at break even on this pair to take away the risk on this trade.

Note also that you should always know if you are trading in direction of the trend or if you are counter trend trading.

If you entered the marked as a bear then please be advised that your position trades against the 200 MA and against higher highs and higher lows.

This just means that you will be in a trade for a shorter period unless you are in the market and price provides you with a change of trend that can of course also happen.

Please take not on the followin levels that might resist your short trade.

Resistance Levels:





When you notice that one of these areas hold price then you might take your profits or take partial profits and try to let the other half of the trade run always trailing your stop.



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