The FOMC statement said more of the same – labor market continues to strengthen, jobs are solid, household spending is rising moderately though business fixed investment remains soft. There has been a slight increase in inflation though keep an eye on December figures after the recent drop in oil prices as the increase in inflation was mostly due to low energy prices. Rates remain on hold. Continued improvement in the labor market and a continued move towards 2% inflation will determine a future hike. What’s interesting is that there were only two members for a hike vs. three last time with Rosengren voting on hold. The Fed Watch Tool indicates a 71.5% chance of a rate hike in December. We have high impact news releases this afternoon during the NY session though I will provide an update on that in my NY forecast.

I am keeping an eye on several USDollar pairs. Fundamentally nothing has changed since yesterday and the election risk event has not happened so there is no reason for USDollar to strengthen though I am a USDollar bull so I am always paying careful attention to any indication that strength is returning to the market. I have shared some of my observations below, at such time as I get further confirmation I will upload an update to this post. Take note of the Pound news coming out later today. If the result of that news is bullish for Pound we will see Dollar weaken. Not a great week for USDollar bulls though our opportunity will arrive soon.


Price coming off WS3 - with resistance eyed above - 21 below the 55 so the market is still bearish though take note of the price action on the USDollar pairs.


EURUSD has not made a higher high despite coming off the 21 during Asia. I am not suggesting going long Dollar short Euro just yet though pay attention. Perhaps the market is taking profit ahead of tomorrow' NFP report or Bears are looking to sell high. Wait for a confirmation of a reversal pattern before shorting.


Price came off the 61.8% fib late Asia though is currently being held by resistance just under the pivot cluster at DR1. I am eyeing this as price is quite high. I am also on the look out for stochastic divergence.


Price is failing to break below support at DM1 - it would be a lot better if we were at 102.500 though I am keeping an eye on this pair for a double bottom and then create a higher high.

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