What price needs to do to buy low ‘or’ swing trade down to long term support.

1 HR (Daily)

IF the daily stoch & 5 want to fall then look at price on the 1 HR. First a lower low down to support would need to happen. An OB stoch cycle looking to fall at a M-R2 is a good zone for the bears. If price does get down there that's a buy zone for bulls as stoch will then be OS on role reversal and a W-PP. For the daily stoch & 5 bearish plan there is a W-M3 to W-M1 pivot theory plan in play that takes price down to the daily support dotted line zone.

1 Min

Use the 1 min 233 ema to day trade the hourly stoch & 5 moves. Notice the blue vertical lines from the 1 HR chart's stoch & 5 runs for the past 24+ hours. Try to turn a scalp into a swing trade as well with the bearish plan. Lets see how it plays.

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