UsdMXN weekly and monthly short May 1 2017 and USD weekend plan. Subject: RISKY. Trade plans is to sell. – anywhere between now and the recent High on 1 hr chart with one HR chart with technicals -Stochastic, 20MA, Price Action, or sell the High of the past move around 19.22222 History shows the best way to trade this is Find a reason to sell several days before the move so you are in it and protected before it happens.
The one hour chart has given several stochastic signals over the past 3 days. (trading this way would have you locked in with 1-300p of protit already. Fundamental: Recent rise is bulls from the Pretrump move look left to Nov 2016 low area, and possible profit taking. I expect the bears to look for a reason to try again. End of month/Week Labor $ should push it lower unless USD gets strong. Usd Neutral or Weak is fine but if USD gets strong it will overpower the Money Flow. Also note end of month is not until sunday so end of the month $ may not hit until monday-wed. My expectation for the USD is that the budget will pass and many things that should be in it, wont, causing Usd weakness. Extra weakness if it passes without repealing Obamacare. NOTE Trading usd Pairs this weekend is risky. If the budget fails to pass, or passes with different content than expected, expect gaps and big moves when the market opens. (Watch prices on Bloomberg several hours before market opens and you will see what the gap is going to be) Also note the spreads in the USDMXN and go as high as 7000 (70p) and will at the close/open of the market. Attached is pic of waynes trade plan last month – Gray boxes were sell areas for him. also attached is my chart view.

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