I am a bull on USD because of interest rate. Please take a look at my trade plan for opportunities to buy USD.


Price opened at MM2 and is currently sitting between MS1 and MM2. The 21 and 55 are flat. The 5 and 8 are about to cross. Stochastic is pointing up. Since price opened at MM2, I will buy this pair with MM4 as target. Support identified at 20.4400; resistance at MM2/ 55 EMA, MPP/50% fib level, MM3 and MR1/78.6 fib level.


Price opened at WM2 and is currently sitting under WPP. The 21 is below the 55 but are both flat. Stochastic is pointing down. Resistance identified at WR1/MM2, at WR2/MPP, and MM3/WR3. Support at 20.4400. Bulls’ target is WM4.


Price opened below DPP, broke the 21 and 55 and is currently sitting at DM1. The 21 is and 55 just crossed. The 8 is above the 5. WR1 corresponds with DM4. Since price opened below DPP, I will wait until it reaches DS2 (bears’ daily target) before looking at lower timeframes for reversal patterns before buying with DPP as target. Stochastic is oversold and resistance at DM2 and DS1.

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