End of the month trade Wayne speaks of.

4 HR

As money flows thru exchange back home to Mexico from workers in America demand for Mex Peso should rise, that's down for this pair. The stoch cycle is in the OB zone, price is beyond pivot profit zone, & the daily stoch is also OB (not shown) and could make this trade last for a week. Support zones are the dotted lines and MA's.

5 Min

Here on the 5 Min is where a change of trend will be visible. Trade into the larger move by using price action on the 5 min. Trade stoch cycles down in hope to get in the trend early. MACD has fallen below '0' line already. When the candles are below the 233 ma its the first clue the larger trend is underway.

2 thoughts on “USD/MXN Setup”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hi James, I sold at Resistance with London Market open on Friday open on Friday and made lots of $$. The only USD pair I trade and also works well with DAX with London open! Hope you made some great pips.

    1. James Mauro says:

      That great Maryna, I did well also TY. What resistance are you referring to? Hey why don’t you add a photo and put some trade ideas up for discussion?

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