>>>pink zones are resistance
>>>green zones are support
Market- 21/55 and Macd
Price- 5/8 and stochastics

Still a bull on this pair despite the yen grinding the dollar,looks as so the greenback guru bulls are going to take the battle up,until 113.095 or 113.874 the most probable retracement zone target.Buying this pair would be great after seeing series of higher highs and higher lows on shorter time frames preferably on H1.Daily stochastics is currently oversold a good buy would be wen it has left that zone showing bullish signs on price.

Market is currently bearish but price is currently retracing(bullish) maybe to the 55 which is in the fibzone currently,good buy would be wen price is very low or wen stochastics is just leaving oversold zone on H1.

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