I am a dollar bear, due to the following technical analysis

USDJPY Daily Chart

Market (21/55) and price (8/5) are currently flat; although 8 EMA is pointing down. Stochastic is currently oversold. Support is currently at 111.608 and resistance at 115.352. Will be looking for short opportunities as depicted below.


Market (21/55) and price are currently flat. 5 is about to cross the 8 EMA. Stochastic is currently oversold and moving up. 21 EMA, which is currently at 112.446. and might act as dynamic resistance. The next level of resisatnce is 113.431 and support at 111.603. I will look for selling opportunities from here on, however, considering that the 21 moving average would act as dynamic resistance.


Market is flat (21/55) and price (5/8) is bullish and about to cross. Stochastic is overbought. Resistance is at 112.574, next level of resistance is at 112.771 Support at 111.790 and next level of support is 111.679, which coinsides with DM2. I am looking at short opportunities between DR 1 and DR 4.

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