Im a bear on this pair


Market is bearish and price is bearish with a stoch heading down.Price opened at WM2 112.500 AT SUPPORT with a target of WM4 114.6280 or 114.500.As bear im looking to enter at lower high WPP113.100 OR 113.000 with a target of WM2 110.8740 OR WM1 111.2890


Market is bearish and price bearish with a flat stoch.price has opened at support near DM2 112.4020 with a target of DM4 113.7090. as a bear im looking to sell at DPP 112.7937 (38.2 FIB) WITH A target of DS2 111.4867 (161.8 FIB). if price breaks my resistance.will be looking to sell at DM3 113.0555 (61.8 fib) with a target of DM1 111.7485

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