Last week we saw a lot of moves in the market, on the 14th of June (Wednesday) we saw dollar get very weak because of the inflation that came out earlier in the day before the Fed interest rate decision. After raising rates the dollar started to regain some strength and we saw this right up till the end of the week. As a dollar bull i am going to be looking for opportunities to buy dollar at support. And with the new week coming up we also have new weekly pivot points coming out so i want to align my analysis with the pivot points and wait for opportunities to go long USDJPY and other dollar pairs.


last week price reached a low of 108.794 which is a bears weekly target, weak data that came out of USD helped price move down for bears but then we saw price start to move up after hitting its weekly target. Bears started to get out and bulls started to get in, and with the fed having raised rates, this allowed bulls to go in with alot of pressure pushing price up to 111.034 which was the weekly target for bulls. Now with bulls back in the market and the interest rate at 1.25% with the potential of another rate hike this year. i will be buying dollar. On this H4 chart i would like price to move down to around 110.354 and look for an opportunity to buy


on the H1 chart i have identified levels of support which i will be watching and looking for an entry signal before i go long

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