Im a bull in this pair due to my technical analysis

Market is Flat and price is bullish. PRICE opended near our MM2 112.500 and our target is at the top of the range of 115.500 for the month.

Market is flat and price is bullish.price came off at WM2 112.0145 at my support which green as i mentioned it yesterday and my target for the week is WM4 114.000.As a bull im looking to enter at WPP 112.500 When price pulls back which is my support

MARKET is bullish since our 21/55 has crossed.price is bulish and its overbought .as a bull im looking for price to retrace at my support which is green and i will be looking to enter at my 38.2 ,50,61,8 fib zone or at my dpp 112.4550.ALSO my 21 and 55 will play as my dynamic support

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