Pure technical analysis of USDJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY and Gold. For today’s FX wrap and a view on the USDollar and US10Y please go here


Our 21 and 55 are currently converging in a bullish direction and price is bullish. Our next level of resistance is 112.50/ MR1 though price breaking through 112, 113 is certainly on the cards. Support eyed at 111.50 and 110.50/ MPP.


Market is bullish. Price is bullish. There is confluence between MR1 and the weekly target which is likely though price has stalled at WR1 just above 112. Should price come down from WR1 we expect bulls to buy at the 21 EMA. The only time you would consider selling is when you see a reversal pattern on H1 followed by a lower low. Until then trade the trend until the end.


Market is bullish. Price is bullish. Price is currently at 145 which is a strong level of resistance from Dec '17 and Jan '17. If price breaks above through resistance then the next level of resistance is eyed between 147 and 148.50 with the monthly bullish target at 149. If price dips at market then support is eyed between 143 and 142 and MPP.


Market is bullish. Price is bullish. Price is at resistance, as mentioned in the daily analysis, with support eyed at 144.50, the 21 EMA and the levels mentioned in the daily analysis. Our weekly bullish target is 146.50 - 147.50.


Market is sideways . Price is bullish. No monthly pivot points are currently in play. Price has stalled at 84.50 though stronger resistance is eyed at 85.00 with support at 84.00 and MPP.


Market is bullish. Price is bullish though rolling over. Price is currently at the weekly profit target for Bulls with the aggressive target at WR2 and support at 84.00.

Gold Daily

Market is sideways. Price is bearish. While price has moved lower we have still not broken support and made a lower low on this time frame. Price is currently at MM2 with an oversold stoch.

Gold H4

Market is bearish. Price is bearish though looks like it's going to turn up. Price is at the weekly target for Bears with the aggressive target at WS2. Resistance at WS1.

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