Morning Traders, King Dollar is back in style and Swissy is heading to Monthly M4. hopped on the ride yesterday on that last spike down. here is todays trade plan. and Yes I’m both Long & Short CHF. That’s because im Bullish Dollar & Bearish CANADA. Nothing to do with CHF



3 thoughts on “USDCHF Technicals & Trade Plan for Today”

  1. Bruk Teffera says:

    Looks like next week going to be, First down to WS1 then Up to WR1. USD profit taking underway. I’m also cashing In.

  2. Bruk Teffera says:

    Getting ready to buy it at WS1

  3. Bruk Teffera says:

    taking the long trade here but i dont have much confidence in it at the moment. USD looking for a catalyst. Possibly we might have to wait till President Trump wakes up and tweets something. lol. If price closes below WS1 on H1 basis, will be closing the trade and will wait till WM1 to look for longs

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