You can see a trade I took yesterday afternoon . I waited for price to make a  higher high,  fib it & waited for the retracement and long it @1.3000 level. I am waiting to enter a second trade right now.  looking at the 4hr chart we are at WS1 1.13051 which is acting as support also hourly chart we are @ 21ema. But this is a big but the daily stoch shows a big  divergence with price action. We could be heading lower?. ( YJ love to see Divergence on his charts ).

Sell order : wait for price to break the WS1 @ 1.3051 play the retracement back to the WS1 and enter a  short enter

Buy order : If  WS1  1.3051 holds look to enter on a 1 2 3  pattern

Have a great Day trading


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