Price has reacted nicely with this upside trend lime, and has begun to form the next potential higher low in this rising wedge pattern.
I will be looking for further long opportunities throughout the week.


3 thoughts on “USD/CAD potential swing trade 30th May”

  1. Teboho Faro says:

    Nice one buddy. I think the next long is the double bottoms on H4

  2. Arlissa Thiedt says:


    Good way to change the perspective. I still think it’s in a strong downtrend from last weeks strong rally up. It’s stalling right around the 1.3465, touching a 55EMA, so it might slow it’s down trend. It’s below the 200EMA so sentiment is favoring the bears for the moment.

    Enjoyed your post, had me looking into a weekly TF and considering another possibility. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    1. Dominic Davimes says:

      no problem 🙂
      ya I find it to be healthy to check out the longer term, it actually dumbs trading down quite a bit for me, and shows a a much simpler, much more reliable structure to my usual day trading.
      I will update the post in the future 🙂

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