USDCAD has been selling pretty well over the past few days, especially due to weak dollar and commodity currencies gaining in strength. Trumps press conference last night added to the losses in the dollar but im now looking at the dollar to increase in strength and gain back from losses


The pair is at Major resistance close to the 1.31 psych level. Looking at this pair to hit the psych level and reverse back up. USDCAD is in an upward channel so this should assist in the pair moving back up from its current low. Stochs are currently oversold


Pair is almost at 1.31 which would coincide with the WS1 pivot. A buy from here would target WR1. Pair could fall lower and hit profit taking zone at WM1. These two levels of resistance are places bulls would enter to push up price. Stochs almost in oversold area


Price today opened up just below DPP indicating it could fall to the profit taking zone. Market is moving at a high rate as indicated by the 21 and 55 angle of separation. DS1 and DM1 are opportunities for bulls to enter the market. Stochs has headed into oversold. Patience must be observed before deciding to enter

4 thoughts on “USDCAD Long”

  1. Makes absolute sense.. I wana monitor this one..

    1. This trade worked out perfectly

  2. Hi Banga,

    I am watching this pair as well!
    One chart question: Where can I download this Pivot Points that you use?

    1. Hi bud. I got these from my mentor im not too sure what link i can give. Try looking for Ryan Gandalf van Jarsveld. Hes the one who gave me the pivots

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