My review on the USD Index vs my forecast earlier on

H4 chart

Today price dropped down to 100.00 close to fib50% level. Price is lining up a double bottoms suggesting a end to the current pull back. If price breaks above 100.50 a test back as support is a bull trigger point, the number of bulls will determine the length of the Index rally.

H1 chart

Price dropped from DM3 down to the daily target DM1. Price on its drop down failed to break last weeks low(99.90). As a bull Im looking for a break above current resistance, marked with a pink rectangle, to re-enter as a bull

One thought on “USD Index daily review(17 April 2017)”

  1. Katleho Gnaw Lephallo says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Dollar pairs haven’t been appealing this year, untill now

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