My review on Dxy following my outlook earlier on.

H4 chart

Price rallied from weekly target to WS1 just below 100.50 resistance level. The target from weekly target is WPP(the weeks central PIVOT). However Im not ruling away the fact that price is currently at resistance and its a lower high as price took out previous higher low.

H1 chart

Price rallied from DM2 to DR1 resistance.Stoch reached overbought,crossed below 80 level and its looking like it might return above 80 level(overbought level). We see the 200 and 55EMA playing as dynamic resistance here. From here we might see a continued rally up as per the counter trend trade on H4 chart with weekly PIVOTS. With the day over and we at resistance Im expecting price to open tomorrow at a resistance pivot and proceed to give bear setups.

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