Todays outlook on the Dollar Index and my opinions with the current Geopolitical tension issue

North Korea recently fired a missile capable of reaching Alaska underlines. President Trump had vowed to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons that could potentially harm the US. Experts say the US may have to accept that red line is close to being crossed if the missile system can be developed to carry a nuclear warhead.With all that Trump said on his Twitter feed “put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!”

This has the potential to cause WAR between US, North Korea and other countries involved. If this happens USD Index is likely to decline and will have Yen and other safe havens financial assets appreciate, which is very possible as Yen is at RESISTANCE vs most of its counter parts, the fall to support would mean Yen strength which I see possible

H1 chart

Price opened slightly below Yesterdays close. Prices have been slowly rising. Price is approaching 96.00, a RESISTANCE level that has held price down this week. If price breaks this Resistance we may have quick rallies up to 96.50 the projected target. If price however breaks the HnS neckline I marked in black we may see the BEARISH trend continue on higher timeframes.

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