Todays outlook on the USD Index

H1 chart

Yesterday the market rallied to last weeks high then immediately found RESISTANCE. Seeing the BEAR market on the daily chart slow down I was planning for a possible break above the high. Since Yesterday US session close price has lined up a reversal pattern on the Index at Resistance. Price lined up a double tops which I see falling to support marked with green rectangle. Im If price does find support at my support zone it will mean we in a short term trading RANGE and it can interest the intra-day traders.

3 thoughts on “USD Index daily outlook(21 June 2017)”

  1. ed saunders says:

    ok )))

  2. ed saunders says:

    clicking on thumbs up not working

    1. Teboho Faro says:

      I actually noticed that to Ed, Im great full for the comment bud

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