Technical analysis of DXY possibilities Today.
The USD Index rally, seems to have found resistance at WM3 which is home to a number of resistance. Fib 50%, 100.50 psych number and its also a resistance zone marked in red.

Daily chart

Price opened just below MPP and the monthly central PIVOT seems to be solid resistance. Stoch has reached overbought. The monthly target from here would be MS2. If price reaches the monthly target this would be another lower low which will translate into USD Index being bearish technically.

H4 chart

Price found Resistance at WM3. From this point on Im expecting a decline down to the weekly target.

H1 chart

Price is at DPP as resistance, stoch is oversold. Price is tight its clear that both bulls and bears are yet to take charge and drive price. Althogh Im expecting a drop in price, Im not ignoring the possibilities of price resuming its rally up to resistance

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