The USD Index price has been bullish for the whole week. We are currently at resistance, no reversal pattern has been
triggered, however we have a few lining up on smaller timeframes.

Daily chart

A first glance on the daily chart, one would spot a Head n Shoulders pattern. Price gapped down the neckline starting of the week then continued its rally up to 100.50 resistance level. Stoch is heading overbought price is on the way to MPP, which is the counter trend trade after hitting the bears target zone.

H4 chart

Price is bullish. On its rally it stoped at the weekly target the 200EMA also serves as dynamic resistance at this level. Stoch is overbought

H1 chart

Price tested DM3 twice and candles are is having a problem breaking this level. As always 2 senarios are possible price either goes up or down. Although Im expecting a higher low, Im still looking for price to rally up. unless a double tops is triggered which is possible seeing that we are at the end of the week and traders might look to take profit.

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