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  • UK Prime Minister Cameron is optimistic in regards to his country staying in the EU
  • The President of France and the EU want the UK to remain a part of the regional bloc
  • PM Cameron wants an agreement to be reached before his country’s referendum in 2017

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron felt that the first meeting of the two day EU summit ended with optimism. The financial news outlets have speculated if the United Kingdom will depart from the European Union due to political disagreements. Cameron stated that there was “enormous support in the room for finding ways of keeping” such an event from occurring.

Cameron’s positive outlook was echoed by other politicians as well. EU President Donald Tusk noted that other political leaders seemed willing to comprise and that he felt more cheerful when the meeting ended than before the discussion began. The president of France, Francois Hollande, wants the UK to remain a member of the union.

The debate amongst the politicians stems from disagreements in regards to social programs pertaining to other EU citizens in the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Cameron is hoping to achieve an agreement by the next summit in February, which is before his country’s referendum on staying a member of the EU at the end of 2017.

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