Try to catch a move off a possible bottom !


"IF" this pair can find a bid then price is at a possible floor. With stoch's entering the buy zone and macd showing an early sign of divergence it could be a good time to start buying and reloading some trades for a long term trade. "IF" price falls below support this setup needs to be reevaluated. **Monthly stoch also in the OS zone.

1 HR

"IF" price can get above the 233 on the 1 HR then the move would be the beginning of a 'Weekly' 5 MA run. Logical times to buy and reload is when stoch's is OS. Move down into the minute charts for timing with your fav indicators. For any trades at this price zone the risk is between 50-100 pips/trade for up to 300-600 pip gains/trade. If BOJ talks down JPY then this can be a great entry price for even more gains. Lets see how this plan plays.

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