Intraday decision time

15 Min Chart

Price is in the target zone. Bears will be looking to sell this zone while bulls should be tightening stops up to zero or into profit just below today's last swing low @ 1.3060. Interestingly the C/J is on both D-M2 and W-M2 so 'If' C/J holds the M2's and it rallies that means down for U/C. I'd watch the equities and all JPY pairs for risk on as well.

3 thoughts on “U/C Update 8”

  1. Maryna says:

    Yes, and back into the wedge of Daily chart from last week, but let’s see if the bulls can break above convincingly or bears take control again.

  2. JohnA says:

    James great catch, you have the magic eye!

    1. James Mauro says:

      Not caught yet, a fall would be nice. Let’s see. Thanks John

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