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4 HR Chart

Price fell right to a target on the 4 HR 21 ma over a 24 hour period. It has now bounced to the 61.8 of that recent decline. Fib analysis says that if we take out the recent low on the 4 HR 21 ma then target the extensions. Down by the extensions we'll have a W-PP, 55 ma, 38.2 fib of the last 7 day rally. Keep your eye on the 4 HR 5 ma, you can use the 5 min 233 ma to do so. If price stays below be confident. FOMC might be volatile or might not be today but watch for these areas for support to hold 'If' we get down there. The 21 might just be support as well so that keep in mind.

4 thoughts on “U/C Update 5”

  1. Great analysis James. Was it you who was offering to give tips on how to stay in a trade in Wayne’s session today? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks

    1. James Mauro says:

      Hey Jim, not sure if that was you in the room with that comment about riding out a long term move? If you haven’t looked at the u/c update 4+ yet I suggest doing so, just ignore the oil charts and focus on u/c from the 4 HR and the 5 min views and study the “Time” it takes for a stoch to cycle on a 4 HR view. Highlight the candles for the cycle and “Then” move into a 5 min chart so you can see the highlight and examine price action on the 5 min view and the 233 MA. The 5 min is the 4 HR 5 MA and confirms the stoch cycle as well and I explain the concept in “Insight into a Daily 5 Run” but with 2 different time frames(daily & 15 min). See how that works for now and let me know.

        1. James Mauro says:

          There’s obviously more to it than the surface reveals. I was interested in what/how you see this analysis using these indicators, you may not like them. Whatever indicators you like you should be able to use in similar ways since all indicators measure rate of change. Depending on what time frame you like or would like to trade this method can adjust. You can even practice it on a faster time frames and then move up. Either way use practice acc or 1 micro lot so its painless. I’ll wait for your feedback and there’s also faster way to reach me if you look. jm

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