What will price do next, will resistance hold?

1. W-R2 and 78.6 concept from an earlier post are holding thus far
2. 100% retracement in place, role reversal support held from prior update on OS stoch
3. Divergence still in play
4. Stoch is now OB again. Watch the 233 on 1 min for price to fall
5. We could be at next weeks W-M3
6. Next weeks W-M1 could be in the sweet spot for a buy
7. If macd falls below ‘0’ line a larger degree move could be under way
8. Watch WTI oil, it’s near a support zone on 4 HR (zoom out)
9. What would a bull do? What would a bear do? What will you do?
10. Market could quiet down and range ahead of FOMC, not just U/C

1 HR

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