As the U/C retraced yesterday last weeks low was where I posted to look for a DB. As that bottom was formed an opportunity came to enter a long trade ahead of BOC rate decision hoping for Cad weakness and Trumps first days as president hoping for USD strength. After today, should the U/C rally more, the stops can be moved into profit only zones in hopes to get into the target zone of 38.2-61.8 as highlighted in my earlier post for ‘U/C on the Radar’. Monday this pair did make a higher high but there was no good entry was given so no trade was taken. Now if the 21-55 macd can rise above the ‘0’ line in a 2nd attempt then this move may have a better chance to get into the higher zone to look for a longer term short trade plan as long as the daily 21-55 stays below the ‘0’ line as highlighted in the earlier post as well.

Lets see from here how it plays. Anyone Trading This?

1 Hour

6 thoughts on “U/C Update 1-18”

    1. James Mauro says:

      No Problem Peter. A little help from oil inventories too. Thnx for the feedback.

      1. peter A says:

        Hi James,
        your e mail please?

        1. James Mauro says:

          Do you have skype Peter? I leave my skype address public in my profile

        2. James Mauro says:

          I just realized Peter you might not be able to see my skype on this website? If not post your email here for me if you see this

          1. peter A says:

            [email protected]

            also on skype as pibalviral

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