I thought it might be a good idea to share trading results to show performance of the posts on U/C to show how focusing on the longer term, planning out trades, and sticking to the plan can yield positive results. Of course markets are not ideal (ie my E/U plans which yielded minimal gains in Jan. overall as sellers lost every battle eventually) but with a disciplined approach positive results are possible.

I hope some traders here whether a bull or bear, as I planned for both, took some trades and profited as well form these trading ideas. Please refer to prior posts for the plans. Sharing your results and/or commenting would be motivational to post more ideas.

Thanks for viewing…

1 Hour

The red boxes were for the bears and the green one was for the bulls and coincide with the daily stoch cycle.

Jan. Results

4 thoughts on “U/C Trading Results for Jan.”

  1. Jim Reddihough says:

    Well done James, thanks for sharing.

    1. James Mauro says:

      Thnx Jim, no problemo…

  2. Maryna Murray says:

    Whoop, Whoop! So happy for you and what a great month you’ve had – well done James and we all know it’s hard work. Thanks for sharing as it’s good to see the results from trades (good and bad) posted. Hope you have another great trading month in Feb!

    1. James Mauro says:

      This post is part in response to your ‘Help” rant since I felt similar feelings so thank you. Best trading to you as well in the coming months.

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