Time for a reevaluation! There is chatter about the validity to OPEC’s production outlook in November so careful at this level.

1. 4 HR stoch wants to rise with macd above ‘0’ line & off the 233 ma, weekly 5
2. Price is at the 78.6 of this weeks rally
3. A drop to the M-PP W-S1 pivot cluster zone in white circle could be support (100% fib also)

1. OB 1 HR stoch off the 21 ma (yellow)
2. Better to sell up by W-PP and 233 & 55 ma in white circle
3. MACD has moved below ‘0’ line & 233 ma, daily 5
4. This weeks pivot theory could now be W-R1 to W-S1

**Might be a good time to let price get to a S&R area for either team as it appears to be trapped in the middle!

1 HR (4HR)

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