1. Watch the support zones in black dotted lines for price break thru and if they break then the 1 HR MACD will fall below ‘0’ line
2. Watch the Daily 21-55 macd ‘0’ line as well
3. The 233 MA (Weekly 5) seems to be holding resistance for now (think of the 4 week moving avg you hear about)
4. The 2100.0 will be key level to watch as support today & tomorrow as mentioned earlier

1. Oh well it was the 100% retracement (@ W-M1) which was also hit a couple of times in the past as support, yes it was harder to get on that run
2. Higher High in place as MACD has now moved above ‘0’ line as planned
3. If we can stay above the 55 MA (Daily 5) the bulls remain in control and even better is the 233 MA
4. Look to buy OS stoch’s in the direction of the higher time frames momentum

Let’s see how it plays

1 HR

1 HR

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