Scalping and trade planning for 90 + pips

1 Min (1 HR)

In the red box was the zone for the scalp which yielded 1 win & 1 loss on some volatility from FOMC jawboning. Since Brainard was dovish on a rate hike the USD weakened and a short scalp presented itself when price fell below the 5 ema off the top where 32 pips was possible to take from the market. That brought price down to the support zone mentioned in the bullish plan at the 1 HR 55 & M-PP with an OS stoch. As a long sloppy DB was forming there were opportunities to get 2 trades on for an overnight trade with defined risk/reward, ie below the M-PP and up to the 61.8 fib as a conservative target for approx 30 pips/trade. Using fractals to trade the 1 min for an hourly move is done in the same manner as posted in the past using the "15 min for a daily run" for example. The 1 min chart was marked up as trades were placed and the 1 HR's are a before and after view. I hope someone else took advantage of this bullish trade plan opportunity. Scalping was a bit more challenging in this scenario.

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