Dam it’s a lot of typing for scalp trading.

**Elliot’s can be the same on a 1 min as a 1 HR !

1. I did adjust my TP a few pips down based on the W:1 & 1-2-3 reversal just below a conservative 61.8 fib extension (black circles).
2. My initial target earlier was internal W:3 of the larger degree W:3.
3. The target was also based on the the 1 HR 21 EMA in Yellow on 1 the HR.
4. This was 65-70 pips of scalping U/C today approx.
5. There was an inverse related trade today as well off a triple top short on C/J for 25 pips (not shown).
6. The one sell on the trade history was a swing trade for 100 + pips post FOMC using same methodology, just faster decision making.
7. When the 1 HR stoch & 5 want to cycle down trade the 1 Min 233 MA & 55/233 macd in reverse.
8. Let’s see if an Elliot series completes with a W:4 and W:5 before a retracement.

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1 Min

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