Just a quick update for these two trade plans for this week.

Price has come into the target zone for the ‘longer term’ plan to sell should this rally be a lower high as the daily 21-55 macd is below the ‘0’ line. From here we would need to see price start a trend to the downside as shown in grey arrows in order to pull the hourly 21-55 macd below ‘0’. Results for the 2 trades I shared on this post was roughly 400+ pips combined.

Being a bit stubborn to this point with a net loss on 3 closed trades of about -15 pips and the 4th trade now at at BE and up roughly 70 pips today as I write this post. From here if price makes a new high thru the red X then this plan should be terminated for now until a new one presents itself for any bears. If price can get thru the W-PP then we should go down to test the 1.0500 zone.

Lets see how it plays. I know of 1 other person that took some pips out of the market with these plans, anyone else? Any other thoughts?

1 Hour

1 Hour

2 thoughts on “U/C & E/U Update 1-20”

  1. Brendon Davis says:

    Good to see you back James… You buying and selling USD?

    1. James Mauro says:

      Hey B, on the E/U plan I see a W:4 as outlined and that’s in part form USD sideways to down for shorter term as the new admin gets underway. For U/C that’s a much longer term scenario so USD can be played accordingly with shorter term volatility should that plan develop. Hope this answers your question. Thnx

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