Daily (Monthly):
1. The Monthly stoch remains bullish and is confirmed with the daily 21-55 macd above the ‘0’ line
2. Monthly is still riding the 21 EMA in yellow
3. For months price has respected the 61.8 to 78.6 fibs, shown in black numbers with more under the recent fib (not shown)
4. Price is currently on a macro 78.6 fib, 233 Blue EMA, & the M-PP
5. The M-PP also rides the tops over the past few months acting as a role reversal zone

1. “IF” price can rally in the next couple of days and we get a fib or DB then Higher High the MACD should rise above the ‘0’ line signaling a daily stoch & 5 MA run
2. If this happens look to buy OS stochs on the hourly for momentum trades in the direction of 2 larger degree time frames
3. First stop will likely be the W-PP & 233 Blue MA or 1.31800 zone in white circle
4. If the 55 is in contral expect a DB at most?
5. If price falls below the recent low reevaluate this plan

Daily (Monthly)


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