Multiple reasons for support at the psych level 1.3000

4 HR

Price is at a possible support zone post NFP. With next weeks W-PP (black dotted line) predicted to be above current price then the current level would be the W-M2 zone and 'Next' weeks plan could be a run from M2 to M4. Other reasons for support are in white circles and blue rectangle that is the M-PP along with the 38.2-50% fib zone and the 233 ema in blue plus an OS stoch. Timing this plan could be on the minute charts next Mon/Tues. If price falls to the 61.8 reevaluate this plan for as pivot theory one. With the new pivots next week lets see how this plays.

3 thoughts on “U/C Bull Plan”

  1. Miles says:

    Thank you James! How did you know the weekly pivots for next week? Did you just calculated and drew them or you have a tool?

    1. James Mauro says:

      A central pivot is easy enough to calculate. Its any candles High + Low + Close Divided 3 that gives the next candles pivots. So at the end of a week just flip to a weekly chart and the last candle has a dialog box that pops up if you hold the mouse over it with all the data you need. Some pivot point indicators do have a prediction option as well if you search them out look under the ‘Input’ tab. Very simple either way tho. Hope this helps.

      1. Miles says:

        Thanks James, you’re always one step ahead! 🙂

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